Chuck's Emacs Configuration


$ git clone ~/.emacs.d
$ cd ~/.emacs.d
$ cp init.example.el init.el


Change the configurations at the beginning of your custom.el or init.el, then restart emacs.

For example:

(setq dotemacs-full-name "user name")           ; User full name
(setq dotemacs-mail-address "")   ; Email address
(setq dotemacs-package-archives 'emacs-china)   ; Package repo: melpa, emacs-china, tuna or custom
(setq dotemacs-theme 'dotemacs-one)             ; Color theme: dotemacs-one, dotemacs-one-light...
(setq dotemacs-company-enable-yas t)            ; Enable/disable yasnippet for company: t or nil

If dotemacs-package-archives is set to custom, you need to set package-archives.

(setq dotemacs-package-archives 'custom)
(setq package-archives '(("gnu"   . "/home/user/elpa-mirror/gnu/")
                         ("melpa" . "/home/user/elpa-mirror/melpa/")
                         ("org"   . "/home/user/elpa-mirror/org/")))

Customize it with melpa, emacs-china or tuna, or clone it from elpa-mirror to local disk.

Install fonts(Optional)

Install your favorite fonts, or you can find some popular fonts here.

For example:

(setq dotemacs-font "Fira Mono")    ; default font
(setq dotemacs-cn-font "STXihei")   ; chinese font
(setq dotemacs-font-size 11)        ; default font size
(setq dotemacs-cn-font-size 16)     ; chinese font size

Supported Emacs versions

The config should run on Emacs 25.2 or greater and is designed to degrade smoothly - see the Travis build.